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About BiblioYou

Manuscript Submission

BiblioYou accepts all book submissions!
Unlike other publishers, BiblioYou will take the time to review your submission and offer feedback, and guidance to help you create a book that you can be proud of.
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Some publishers simply turn down, or ignore a submission if they're not interested in publishing it. Their only consideration is whether they can make money from the publication, or not. After denial they don't care what happens to you or your book.

And some publishers will publish your book no matter what condition it's in. It may need editing, formatting, design... but they don't care. They will publish your book even if it needs more work, because they just want you to buy the high-priced packages that they're selling Or they're playing the numbers game; accepting as many submissions as possible to make money from the large numbers of members who buy into they're system.

At BiblioYou we want to accept all submissions, and help them to reach publication, but we won't just give you a pass. If you submit a book that's ready to publish, we'll publish it right away. If you submit a book that needs work, we'll point you to the resources that you will need to create a book that that will make you proud, and hopefully one that will sell well. We do charge a small fee for final publication, but that cost is mainly spread between the cost of Ingram distribution, and the maintenance of your book accounts, not the cost to use the services and information on the BiblioYou website. That is a free resource for all members.

So, submit your manuscript for free review and evaluation. We'll help you publish your best work!
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