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No doubt, your book is being sold and listed on a number of websites, such as, The Biblio Bookstore, Goodreads and others. How the book is perceived on these pages is the first line of marketing for any product. You may think, “I’ve put all this time writing a book, so it should practically sell itself.” Obviously this is never the case for any product. The consumer needs to get “hooked” into buying your book. Hooked by a catchy description, an excerpt from a great review, or something that will get their attention. The importance of making an effort to create a great description cannot be stressed enough.

The description should tell the consumer why they need to buy and read the book. It can include excerpts from positive statements by reviewers and readers, and achievements by the author and the book. You should also add a “Call to action.” I.e. “If you enjoy great military novels based on the historic events of World War II, you should buy this book!”

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