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Biblio You Publishing Assistants -- Print Book Formatters

Publishing Assistants -- Print Book Formatters

*Note: All Publishing Assistants listed on this page are independent contractors, and are not affiliated with BiblioYou. It is suggested that an author always request samples of a PA's work, or partial execution of their task, before entering into a contract for the project.

You've written and edited your book. It's probably in a Word document, or some other type of text file, and it's probably an 8 1/2" by 11" or A4 size, double-spaced, continuous text... but that's not how a real book looks! How do you format it to look like the books you see in the bookstore?

There are many intricacies and techniques that are used to format a book before publication. BiblioYou offers articles in its Tutorials page that may be able to help. The procedure is a simple step-by-step process that almost anyone can follow to create a nice-looking book. But what if you're not a "computer" person, or don't have the time to invest or, what if you want something a little more design intensive. There are professionals that offer formatting services, and you can find a list of them on this page.

Print Book Formatters

Jennifer Bitler, Doxology Design

Jennifer Bitler started Doxology Design in the fall of 2006 to use her God-given talents to give back to the Lord. With over 19 years of professional design experience, she specializes in print and digital/web graphic design. She has extensive experience with book cover design, page layout, marketing materials and more.

Professional graphic design costs vary. Please contact for an estimate.

Contact Jennifer Bitler at to discuss your project.