BiblioYou FAQ


How much is the BiblioYou membership?
    There is no cost to use the BiblioYou website, and no membership to sign up for. All resources available through the website are free to use as you work to create your manuscript.

Preparing to Publish

I formatted my book file, but when I look at it on another machine, it's messed up. What's going on?
   Microsoft Word is notorious for this problem. When moving between versions of Word, or print drivers on machines, there can, and often will be problems with spacing, indentation, font, margins and so on. The main issue is that different versions of Word, and different print drivers show text differently. Maybe the two different machines have different settings for the two instances of Word. These problems seem to be accentuated with docx files. The best advice? Work only on one machine. Then save and submit your manuscript as a PDF file. PDF files are very good at "freezing" the Word doc as it appears on the machine on which it was created, and the file should look the same on all machines and printers after that. But be sure to embed your fonts when creating the PDF file. Sometimes a printer will have problems rendering the file properly without the included fonts, especially if they are non-traditional fonts.

The Publishing Process

How does the proofing process work?
    After a publishing package has been purchased, an author can submit their manuscript for publication. (It should be noted that the author should make every effort to ensure that the submitted manuscript and cover files are as close to ready-to-publish as possible.) Once the manuscript and cover files have been submitted, BiblioYou will create a proof and send it to the author for review. The author can then make adjustments to the files if necessary and resubmit them at no charge. The proofing process will allow two review copies at no charge before the book must be finalized.

What if I need to make a change to my book file(s) after the book has been published?
    An author can upload replacement files for their book at any time, and they will be substituted for the previous print/eBook file(s). This can be done up to once in one month. There is a charge of $50 per instance for print book versions, and no cost for eBook versions. Note that any books printed using the previous version will remain in inventory until sold.

Will I be able read my book on my Kindle, iPad, Nook?
    After conversion to EBook format, your book will be converted to a variety of EBook files. Your Kindle will read mobi files which are available for download through the Amazon store, and other online bookstores. Apple's iBookstore provides files in ePub format as does the Barnes & Noble Nook store. Additionally, all devices can also read pdf and txt files.

How fast can I get my book published?
   From submission to publication, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks, to a number of months. If a completed manuscript and cover file with no flaws are submitted, the proof will be sent in a matter of days. After receipt by the author, a quick review and OK of the proof means that the book will be published and made available for sale within a few days. Obviously if there are problems with the files that need to be fixed, if an author takes time to fix the problems and resubmit, and if the process involves the two proof cycles, publication can take much longer. It is suggested that the author be diligent about the preparation of the book and cover files. It is usually a good idea to let other individuals review the files for problems, and individuals that are experts in the publishing field would be preferred.

Is a contract to publish with BiblioYou an exclusive contract?
No, a contract with BiblioYou is a non-exclusive contract. The author can choose to publish or distribute their book using any additional publisher, printer, distributor... that they would like. BiblioYou, however, will retain the right to publish, print, and fulfill orders for the book for the entirety of the agreed upon contract.


Will BiblioYou edit and format my book?
   The short answer is no. BiblioYou does not offer editing, formatting, or design services for books to be published thorough the BiblioYou platform. It is the author's responsibility to prepare their book for final publication either on their own, or with help from Publishing Assistants or other sources. BiblioYou does, however, put allot of effort into offering information and resources on the BiblioYou website that assist the author with the preparation process and beyond.
    That being said, occasionally BiblioYou's parent company Biblio Publishing may choose to take on a project that it would like to add to its offerings. For such a project, Biblio Publishing would offer assistance will all facets of preparation for publication, and marketing.


When I use the pricing tools on the site, are these tools giving me my exact costs?
    No, these tools are offered to give cost and pricing estimates to the author only. First, the factors involved in the book costing/pricing will most likely change as the publishing process progresses. For example, as a book's formatting changes, such as changing from double to single line spacing, or as it is edited, or as page size is changed... the number of pages, a major factor in pricing, will change. Additionally, the final pricing, royalties... may change when the final contract decisions are made by the author and publisher. Final pricing will be set before the author agrees to their final contract, at which time they can make a final decision regarding publication with BiblioYou.