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Biblio You Publishing Assistants -- Illustrators, Photographers

Publishing Assistants -- Illustrators/Artists/Photographers

*Note: All Publishing Assistants listed on this page are independent contractors, and are not affiliated with BiblioYou. It is suggested that an author always request samples of a PA's work, or partial execution of their task, before entering into a contract for the project.

Illustrations and artwork can add a great deal to the aesthetics of a book. Even if the book is mainly text, photos and illustrations spread throughout break up the text and make it more interesting and more readable. Some books are image intensive. Examples would be children's books, photo journals, how-to books, and so on. Some photos and illustrations are available through the internet (No, you can't just use any images from the internet without permission, but you can purchase images from stock image websites.) But you my want something a little higher in quality, or that is created specifically for your book. A professional Illustrator or Photographer can help!


Elinor Nhaissi

Elinor Nhaissi is an animator and illustrator who graduated with honors with a 4 year degree in "Minshar for art" college in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She is working as a freelancer animator and illustrator and has also published a few books in Israel. Elinor is interested in all kinds of illustration projects, from kid's books, through comics to graphic novels. She has a wide spectrum of illustration techniques, and loves to learn more.

Email me to discuss your project.
Cell phone: +972 54 397 8086

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