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Biblio You Publishing Assistants -- Editors

Publishing Assistants -- Editors

All editors listed below will work on a contract basis directly with the author. Contact and work with each editor is done independent of BiblioYou.

Professional Editing and Proofreading Services

James Thurber once said, "Editing should be, especially in the case of old writers, a counseling rather than a collaborating task. The tendency of the writer-editor to collaborate is natural, but he should say to himself, 'How can I help this writer to say it better in his own style?' and avoid 'How can I show him how I would write it, if it were my piece?'"

There are three primary focuses to the editing process. In the substantive editing part of the process, the work is examined for troublesome writing habits which permit fatal errors in structure. This includes examining the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript relevant to engaging the target audience. The line editing part of the process seeks to make your writing consistent, smooth, and compelling so your reader moves effortlessly through your material. The copy editing part of the process is designed to correct the mechanics, grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Once these areas are complete, assistance is offered in the area of layout in preparation for printing.


R. Carter

R. Carter received his bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He has worked in the publishing industry since 2001, and has extensive experience editing, formatting and designing both print books, and eBooks. During this period, Mr. Carter has prepared over 500 books for publication in a variety of genres.

Rates: Copy editing and proofreading
Up to 250 Letter sized pages -- $1.50 per page,
$1.00 per page thereafter.

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Sheila Alexander

Sheila Alexander received her bachelor’s degree in literature from Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand. She has been an editor for 20 years and a writer for much, much longer! With a broad range of experience, she has edited fiction, memoirs, and even New Zealand cookbooks for the American market. She edited academic textbooks, proofread dissertations and coordinated Massey University's Calendar, their 300-page handbook of class offerings. She edited and indexed for Robin McKenzie, a world-renowned therapist for spinal conditions. Her writing experience includes educational materials for Macmillan Publishers (New Zealand), grants, and even speeches for a mayoral candidate.

“My company's work is eclectic and very rewarding! I take an old-fashioned approach to editing, working closely with the author to ensure that the editing reflects the author’s vision.”

Rates: Proofreading $.01 per word
Your manuscript or project will be proofread to a high standard. This includes grammatical mistakes, spelling errors - including the ones left behind by Spellcheck - and those problems that come from the writer spending too much time with the manuscript (blue eyes on page 2, brown eyes on page 23). This is your best value, because I will mark or question anything I see wrong. I will not fact-check, though, and will not reorder the material or make major suggestions to the work. I will watch for the most egregious errors.

Rates: Editing $.03 cents per word
I will discuss rearrangement of material for strength, rewording for clarity, looking at the consistency of the length of chapters. Story weaknesses are discussed. You receive an in-depth assessment and a report on the work needed to bring it to a publishable standard. This service includes the proofreading services listed above.

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Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson holds a bachelor's degree in English from Bowling Green State University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Penn State University. Her poetry and book reviews have been published in many places, including Mid-American Review, Poetry East, and Pleiades. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio and works as an adjunct professor of English and Communications and as a freelance proofreader and editor. Emily is most interested in working on the following types of projects: poetry, fiction, memoir, literary criticism, or social sciences.

Up to 100 pages -- $500,
101-150 pages -- $750,
151-200 pages -- $1000.
Add $250 for each 50 pages thereafter.

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Nikki Meyer

Nikki Meyer attended Auburn University where she was a copy editor for The Tiger Cub, Auburn's student handbook. She received a bachelor's degree in English Cultural Studies with a minor in Anthropology. Currently, Nikki works as the Publishing Coordinator at The Educational Publisher in Columbus, OH.

Up to 500 pages -- $2.00 per page,
Add $75 for each 50 pages thereafter.

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Wade K Meyer, M.Ed.

Wade K Meyer, M.Ed. is a published novelist and poet. He spent twelve years as a high school English teacher, and has been an adjunct professor in English/Communications, specializing in Speech, Grammar and Expository Writing. Wade currently is the host of Inviting Conversations, a weekly radio show heard on WSNY, Sunny 95 in Columbus, Ohio. He writes the material for the program and its promotions, as well as several commercials.

Up to 100 pages -- $500,
101-150 pages -- $750,
151-200 pages -- $1000,
Add $250 for each 50 pages thereafter.

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One page equals an average of 250 words (10 words average per line, 25 lines average per page, double-spaced, Times New Roman). Documents should be on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, double-spaced, in Arial, Courier or Times New Roman, 12 point font.