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Biblio You Publishing Assistants -- EBook Formatters

Publishing Assistants -- EBook Formatters

*Note: All Publishing Assistants listed on this page are independent contractors, and are not affiliated with BiblioYou. It is suggested that an author always request samples of a PA's work, or partial execution of their task, before entering into a contract for the project.

EBook formatting is quite different than print formatting. In the case of print formatting, it's all about how the book looks on the page—not so much in Ebook formatting. An Ebook file is formatted to fill a computer screen, or to fill a smart phone screen, and everything in between. The formatting has to "go with the flow." There are many rules about EBook formatting that should be followed to accommodate this dynamic. No tables, inline text wrapping for images, careful use of list points, there are different formats for different devices and so on. There are also more complicated books, such as graphic intensive, heavily formatted, interactive... that require the talents of a professional. BiblioYou offers an article on its tutorial page for the brave of heart that would like to use a DIY approach. Or, and this is recommended, you can choose to contact one of the EBook formatters below to prepare your book for digital publishing.

eBook Formatters