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Are you happy with your publishing options?

(Note, this article promotes the BiblioYou Personal Publishing Platform, but read on. It portrays a good view of the book publishing environment in 2015)

As an author, here are the options for publishing your book…

18560502_sYou can submit your manuscript to traditional publishers.

How do you do that? Most traditional publishers don’t accept manuscripts, unless you have an agent, connections, or your name is already well known in the publishing industry. But if your book is accepted by a traditional publisher, you’ve got it made! Maybe. Although you will have the backing of a publisher that will offer assistance in all areas of publishing, including marketing, your royalties will most likely be lower that through other means of publishing, your agent will get some of the revenue, and if the book doesn’t sell, it could be a bust. And, the publisher will most likely control the project, and own the rights to the book. But, if you have the opportunity of signing with a traditional publisher, by all means, take it! The upside can be very beneficial.

You can submit your manuscript to a “Vanity Press.”

A “Vanity Press” is a publisher that charges thousands of dollars for publication, and an initial run of your book. They may or may not offer editing and design services to the author, and usually don’t offer any marketing services. If you’re an author that would simply like to get their book printed so that they can offer it to family, friends, or small groups, this might be your best bet.

You can Self Publish.

Self publishing a book means that the author either does all of the work preparing their book for publication, and/or they pay for help with some or all of the facets of the preparation. All of the investment is their responsibility, and they get to keep all of the revenue. After preparation, the author’s greatest challenge is to make the book available to the public.

About Print-On-Demand services.

There are a number Print-On-Demand Services (not to be confused with POD publishers). Some examples of these are Lightning Source, Lulu and Createspace. They offer print-on-demand services, and will sell your book through They usually also have an affiliation with a distributor, that allows sales through various avenues, including brick and mortar stores. There is a fee for using these services, but their biggest drawback is that the author must submit the book file and cover file in ready-to-print format. If there are any problems with the file(s), there is no assistance and the author has to determine the problem, fix it, and resubmit.

About eBook Publishing.

Most every type of publisher offers eBook publishing, with the same pros and cons as the publication of the printed version. In some ways it is easier to publish an eBook than a print version. Using services such as Smashwords, an author can publish their book to many stores and outlets in one submission, though they still have to submit to Amazon separately. The biggest problem with using Smashwords, and with submitting eBooks independent of such a service is that the book has to be formatted according to very stringent rules. If there are problems with the eBook file, Smashwords won’t publish the book to any outlets, which is actually a good thing. A poorly formatted eBook will, look unprofessional, and will look bad when viewed on a mobile device. Bottom line, an author must either be a bit of an expert at formatting to eBook format, or they need to pay someone to do it for them.

So, What is BiblioYou ? (Advertising Part)

logoBYMdThe BiblioYou Personal Publishing Platform is a hybrid of the best of all publishing concepts.

At no cost, an author can sign up for a BiblioYou membership that gives them access to portions of the website that feature tools, information and tutorials that can help the author prepare for publication. Additionally, members gain access to the Publishing Assistants area, which offers access to publishing experts that will contract to assist with publishing preparation. These areas include Cover Designers, Editors, Illustrators/Artists/Photographers, Print Book Formatters, EBook Formatters, Audio Book Creators, Book Marketers, and Website Builders.

When the author’s book is ready to publish, they can choose between three inexpensive BiblioYou publishing options. At $199.95 for a 3-year period, the top level option features print publishing including Ingram distribution, and eBook publishing and distribution to over a dozen sites including Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble. This package also includes print and fulfillment for all orders, and a special author’s price for personal purchases. The second level option at $99.95 for 3 years, includes everything that the top level includes, except for Ingram distribution. Finally , BiblioYou also offers an eBook only publishing option at $19.95 with distribution to over a dozen outlets.

To sum up, The BiblioYou Personal Publishing Platform offers a low price publishing option that offers print and eBook publishing and distribution. For authors that need help, the BiblioYou website offers free help for do-it-yourselfers, or help from publishing professionals. And if you have questions, there are actual people that you can talk to using a variety of methods!

Visit the BiblioYou website for more information about the BiblioYou Personal Publishing Platform (Click Here).

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