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Are you happy with your publishing options?

(Note, this article promotes the BiblioYou Personal Publishing Platform, but read on. It portrays a good view of the book publishing environment in 2015) As an author, here are the options for publishing your book… You can submit your manuscript to traditional publishers. How do you do that? Most traditional […]

Publishing Assistants Can Help an Author!

An author wishing to publish their book on their own will need to perform a number of different functions to prepare the book for publication. Most authors are unable, or unwilling to perform some tasks. There are tasks that an author may not have the ability to perform. They wrote […]

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select Promotion Tools

As an eBook author, you should acquaint yourself with some of Amazon’s promotional tools available through Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDP Select). ( These tools are designed to spur interest in a book and to create sales. There are two tools that are most effective. The first is the Free Book Promotion […]

Your Book’s Description

No doubt, your book is being sold and listed on a number of websites, such as, The Biblio Bookstore, Goodreads and others. How the book is perceived on these pages is the first line of marketing for any product. You may think, “I’ve put all this time writing a […]

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